Migrate FortiGate 60D to FortiWiFi 60E

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Migration steps

Warning: only works smoothly for hardware models with identical network interface names

Connect to new FWF60E (FortiWiFi)

  • Connect laptop via WiFi to new FWF60E (ForiWiFi) and via LAN to Internet; (without Intnet your browser might not allow WiFi connection to FWF self signed certificate)
  • SSID=fortinet, key=fortinet
  • URL: (user=admin, pwd=empty)

Upgrade Firmware of FWF60E to same version as FG60D (in this case 5.4.2)

Migrate configuraton

  • Use GUI to backup config of old FG60D (without password/encryption)
  • Use GUI to "backup" factory config of new FWF60E (without password/encryption)
  • Replace first line of FG60D config with first line of FWF60E config
  • Restore modified config to FWF60E
  • Reboot FWF60E again after restore to regain connectivity

Activate FWF60E

  • register with Fortinet
    • support contract
    • FortiGuard subscriptions (AntiVirus, IPS, WebFilter, ...)

Activate WiFi